Considering selling your property? With over 25,000 real-estate agents in the city, how do you choose the right agent to represent you and ensure that you’ll get the most money from your sale?

Most New Yorkers will turn to their network for recommendations – a smart move.

Most of our clients at Poljan Properties are the result of referrals among co-workers, friends, or neighbors. Chances are you’re here because of a referral.


Another important step is to determine what you’re looking for in a real estate agent and then assess accordingly. Most people are looking for an experienced agent whom they can trust to communicate candidly, clearly and in a timely manner. We do that as well as educate our clients on the ever-shifting market and give them the information they need to make the best decision possible. For an overview of the selling process, download our Seller’s guide below.

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Questions Every Seller Should Ask

Using our consultative approach, we ask clients to think through some key questions along the way. Below are some examples of what we ask our clients to consider:

  1. What are your selling objectives?
  2. Do you have a desired timeframe in which to sell?
  3. Do you plan on buying another home and do you know where you will move?
  4. Is your home ready for the market? Are repairs needed? Are there potential upgrades that may result in an increased sales price?
  5. If you are selling an apartment, do you have your offering plan, building financials at the ready? If not, contact your managing agent.
  6. If you are selling a single family or multi-family dwelling, do you have your tax history, utilities, maintenance and service records available?
  7. Are you aware of any open permits or outstanding violations that may apply to your property? Beware, these can be difficult and time consuming to resolve but need to be cleared up before selling.
  8. Are there any lawsuits pertaining to your property that may affect your sale? If so, this may put off potential buyers and/or affect their ability to secure financing.
  9. Does your building have healthy financials? Are you aware of any future maintenance increases or planned assessments?
  10. Does your building currently have a tax abatement? If so, do you know when it will expire?
  11. Do you have a trusted real estate attorney to represent you? If not, we can recommend a number of proven professionals that will look after your interests.
  12. Are you currently working with a real estate agent?

Poljan Properties is a local, independent real estate broker. We provide exceptional personalized service, advice, and uncompromised loyalty.

In addition to providing the same market exposure & research as the biggest brokers, we offer tailored services, superior communication & creative design services - all with the attention and dedication that only an independent broker can give. And unlike our larger competition, we don’t sell or exploit a client’s data.

Contact us anytime to learn how we can best serve you.

For an Overview of the Selling Process

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Poljan Properties was founded in 2012 with a passion to provide New Yorkers and newcomers with exceptional personalized service, advice, and uncompromised loyalty. We work tirelessly for the best outcomes for our clients and do so with the greatest integrity and kindness.

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